Our Ministries

SPHC Students

At SPHC, we believe in 5 core teachings for our Students.
-God Given Value
-Ethical Living with Christ as our Cornerstone
-Respect for All People
-Service is True Leadership
-Education that Unites

With a Curriculum written by our very own Student Pastor, it was specifically designed for long term memorization, with the goal to establish respected students, who are recognized and known, based off of their actions from Christ alone. To establish not only pillars of the Church, but pillars of the Community.

Students (12-19, Middle-High)
meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7pm

Our Vision:
At SPHC, our vision for students is to help them discover their purpose in life—not just what they want, but what God wants for them. We aim to equip them for the next stages in life, whether that involves a new job, relationship, college, or any other path they may be taking. Recognizing the uniqueness of each student, we build connections in ways that suit them. Our hope and prayer are that every student not only has fun and connects with others but also experiences God when they join us on a Wednesday night. We invite you to come out and join us for an enriching experience.

SPHC Women's-Updates in Progress

SPHC Men's-Updates in Progress